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May 18, 2017
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Asika Abdiel
Not only Nigeria ,its a world wide thing. It seems that's in vogue now
Asika Dera
the ladies knows they will fall victim most times and will prepare their body for it to either gain money,marriage ....So real to be true!
Asika Abdiel
sad to see all the clergy falling

What is Shoe quality

Post in: Shopping / - by - Jun 23, 2017

Shoe quality is not only :- The look of the shoe,The quality of material,Steel Toe Shoes, The process of manufacturing. One of the most important factor is customer satisfaction. How does the customer satisfaction come

Besides the above factors the customer satisfaction comes from COMFORT. Comfort comes from fitting as per the Anatomy of the foot. How many shoe manufacturers bother about Foot anatomy to design the shoe The last is the base of any shoe on which the shoe is built. Liberty has always given to high priority fitting. The last of shoe which is developed by Liberty is carefully selected after a wide survey, practical user trial to give optimum comfort, which includes toe spring, heel height,Work Shoes, back height, sole thickness,Oxford Safety Shoes, girth, instep etc. All these come after study of foot anatomy of the user group.

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